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Red Hat OpenShift 4 is here

Turn your ideas into deployments that scale. Red Hat OpenShift 4 includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux® CoreOS, single-step installation, and increased resiliency and performance鈥攊n a developer-friendly serverless framework.

A cloud experience, everywhere

Red Hat OpenShift includes an enterprise-grade Linux operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, registry, and authentication and authorization solutions. Automate life-cycle management to get increased security, tailored operations solutions, easy-to-manage cluster operations, and application portability.

OpenShift Operator Hub screenshot
OpenShift screenshot

Enterprise Kubernetes

You have a lot of choices in Kubernetes solutions. Red Hat OpenShift stands out as a leader with a security-focused, supported Kubernetes platform—including a Red Hat Enterprise Linux foundation. We also offer expert training and consulting for customers that need further support.

On-demand application stacks

Develop your apps with the languages and tools you want and deploy through container images. Use pre-created quickstart application templates to build your app languages, frameworks, and databases with 1 click.

Code and push

Deploying is as easy as clicking a button or entering a git push command. This reduces or eliminates many system administration headaches related to building and deploying containerized apps.

Streamline delivery

With Red Hat OpenShift you can standardize developer workflows, support multiple environments, and enable continuous integration alongside automated release management.

Red Hat OpenShift plans

Red Hat OpenShift Online


  • Public cloud
  • 1 project
  • 10 projects
  • Custom domains
  • Basic support
Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated


  • Virtual private cloud
  • Unlimited projects
  • Premium support
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform


  • Any infrastructure
  • Customizable, with full administrative control
  • Standard or premium support


  • Virtual network (VNet)
  • Unlimited projects
  • Joint support by Microsoft and Red Hat

Product compatibility

Red Hat OpenShift is interoperable with all Red Hat products and many solutions from other vendors. See what works well with Red Hat OpenShift.

Red Hat Middleware—with Red Hat OpenShift鈥攑rovides a consistent, integrated environment for deploying, delivering, and scaling your cloud-native applications in any environment and throughout the app鈥檚 life cycle. Together these products streamline the deployment, delivery, and scalability of cloud-native apps.

Red Hat OpenShift and Middleware

Red Hat Ansible® Tower is an automation framework which helps Red Hat OpenShift users create and run reusable infrastructure code and automate provisioning tasks for cloud providers, storage solutions, and other infrastructure components. Using Red Hat Ansible Tower running as an operator in Red Hat OpenShift gives you even more opportunities to simplify and streamline infrastructure and provisioning.

Red Hat OpenShift and Ansible

Microsoft Azure Red Hat OpenShift is a fully managed Red Hat OpenShift offering on the Azure cloud computing service. Azure Red Hat OpenShift is jointly engineered, operated, and supported by Microsoft and Red Hat. Deploy your business-critical apps with confidence and scale on demand while ensuring regulatory compliance across all environments.

Red Hat & Microsoft Azure

It starts with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Every technology within your IT stack needs to work well together. Because those connections rely on the operating system (OS), it has to be consistent, reliable, and flexible. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is all of these and more鈥晅he common link connecting modern IT.

See who relies on Red Hat OpenShift


Training and certification

Container Adoption Boot Camp

This intensive, hands-on offering teaches you how to create, develop, use, deploy, and access containers as DevOps and digital transformation tools. No push-ups required.

Try our learning subscription

Get limited, self-service access to select labs and courses with a free 7-day trial of Red Hat Learning Subscription.

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